Autres vins de pays


Quincy, the “tranquil” wine!

Sauvignon Blanc plus sandy soil – that is the equation for Quincy, the first Loire Valley wine to obtain AOC status in 1936. Planted on the banks of the Cher River, Quincy, referred to as a “tranquil” wine by wine enthusiasts, will win you over with its unique flavour that results from its terroir.

You will appreciate its gorgeous pale gold colour tinged with green highlights, its citrusy nose redolent of white flowers, and its fruitiness on the palate that finishes on a mineral note. Serve it with a cheese platter featuring goat’s cheeses (including the local Crottin de Chavignol of course!), and your guests will be delighted!

Ah, that little white wine …

Are you looking for a simple, easy-drinking wine, the kind that you keep on hand in the fridge in case a friend drops in? What you need is a Loire Valley wine!

But not just any one – with its pronounced mineral flavour due to the siliceous soil, Le P’tit Loire, our white “vin de pays”, can only be found at Cave des Vins de Sancerre!